Curtiss-Wright - (Ongoing Multiple Military programs)
Curtiss-Wright develops ruggedized graphics boards and needs a company with expertise in 3D graphics to help them save time to market and reduced the cost of developing their own graphics software
ALT was able to utilize their 3D graphics expertise and their real-time and embedded OpenGL solution that they have been developing and optimizing for many years to support Curtiss-Wright's graphics product line. Curtiss-Wright builds their ruggedized graphics boards and ship the hardware with ALT's embedded OpenGL to enable hardware accelerated 3D graphics on their embedded platforms. ALT was able to provide long term technical support for their customers and provide custom integration services direct to their customers. ALT is also able to offer Curtiss-Wright's customers a DO-178B certifiable OpenGL kit
Diehl Avionik
Diehl required a DO-178B OpenGL solution for integration in the cockpit display systems for future commercial aircraft display systems.
Diehl's options were develop their own OpenGL driver or use ALT's and realized an enormous return on investment in both time and money by purchasing ALT's DO178B OpenGL driver. This will be one of the first commercial 3D graphics ASIC to be integrated into any commercial aircraft. Diehl also required a company with enormous 3D graphics experience to support their systems development and ongoing technical support throughout deployment.
Fujitsu low volume customers provider for graphics software and hardware engineering

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